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Rhododendron Bashing on Brownsea Island
10-12 October 2003

Yes, it was time to head back to Brownsea. At the request of the Dorset Wildlife Trust, 12 hardy souls set off from Basingstoke to bash some more of the rhododendrons that are degrading the island's habitat. This time Mike was not suffering from gladular fever and the weather held fair for the whole week-end.

Here's a pictoral record of what happened, courtesy of Dave J (comments by anon).

The weather looks set fair, and the "first wave" of the BCV are ready to go. Here they are waiting for the ferry across to Brownsea on Friday afternoon. It doesn't look as if there's much danger of anyone going hungry during the week-end.
Russell shows off the luxurious accommodation - hands up all those who remember the shack at Bradfield Woods (brrrr). Russell also seems to think he'll have time for some photography!
Mike does some last minute cramming on "Traditional Woodland Crafts", though I don't think he'll find much about "rhody bashing" there.
It's Saturday morning and time for work. Russell and Mike seem to have other things on their mind though. Has anyone broken the news to Russell that this is a working week-end, yet?
"At last", I hear you say, "Someone is doing some work". I think that's David, under the camouflage, getting stuck into a meaty rhododendron.
The ever popular tea-break. A chance to have a rest and take stock.
After his tea break, Robert is obviously up for the job. This "rhody" will soon be history.
A typical scene on Brownsea. Thankfully there's little sign of any "rhodies" here.
Saturday evening. Maybe Gill worked a little harder than Russell today? Or maybe Russell's got a secret "drip-feed" attached? Whatever is in that line, it must be good stuff!
It's Sunday morning. Time for a leisurely stroll to soak up the unique island atmosphere before contemplating the return to mainland civilizaton.

Thanks to everyone for their efforts during the week-end. The roll of honour (in no particular order) : Dave J, Keith J, David, Mike, Robert, Russell, Anna, Philippa, Graham, Joan, Gill and Roger.

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