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Fungi at Pamber Forest

Among its many other features, Pamber is home to many fungi. Below are a few photographs of examples found by Mike Norman.

These pictures of fungi were taken in the grazed area not far from the Sewage Works entrance to the Forest. They illustrate species commonly found in woodland or in association with trees.

The Parasol mushroom, a well-known edible species, is typically found in grassy areas between trees.
The Bay Bolete is a good example of a group of fungi that has tubular pores instead of gills for dispersing its spores. It is also edible and is generally associated with coniferous trees.
The Fly Agaric is everyone's idea of a classic toadstool with its bright colour scheme. It is also associated with a type of tree - this time the Birch. Fly Agarics are poisonous, causing sickness, hallucinations and possibly even death.